Moorabool’s Fresh Site

We’re excited to announce a fresh website in the works;

The old one quite simply broke down: technology moves at such a fast pace, while it was cutting edge 10 years ago, and worked well with browsers of the time as it served up 4,000 +  items to interested viewers, there are much better options now available.

An incentive to change was also the collapse of the service provider it was hosted on; losing access to one’s site is like being locked out of one’s shop, not a pleasant experience.

So, it’s off to a fresh ‘shop’ on the web, with all the latest features.

There will be a grand-opening, with all kinds of special offers…. and over 3,000   available for your browsing pleasure.

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2 thoughts on “Moorabool’s Fresh Site

  1. Hello, I am looking at consigning or selling some of my pieces of ancient art (mainly Egyptian) that I have collected over the years.
    Mummy masks, cartonnage fragments, wooden Anibis and various other pieces, all have letters of authenticity..
    Is this something you would be interested in?
    I know you have an impressive ancient art collection (although I haven’t dropped in for quite a few years).. And I’m sure bumped into you once or twice at BC galleries about 15 or so years ago..

    Paul Johnson 0409901259

    1. hi – not sure when this was sent… apologies for the delay.
      Please feel free to call on 03 52292970, or email me at – I’ll be happy to help.

      best wishes, Paul ROsenberg, Moorabool Antiques, Australia

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